DeadlineDo you want to publish a book in 2016?

Have you started writing, but it’s just not happening? Or have all the ideas, but nothing’s flowing? Or a finished draft that you’re not sure works?

I help people reach their big goal: BEING A PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

You may need me to coach you to finish your book. You may need me to help you write it. You may have a finished draft that needs a caring, professional editor. I’m all three of these things: writing coach, ghostwriter, and editor. If you have a big goal and need help reaching your end result, I can help.

I offer deluxe coaching as well as smaller coaching packages. See Writing Coach for more.

I ghostwrite non-fiction: parenting, how-to, guidebooks, and narrative non-fiction. As a fiction author myself, I write in multiple genres: mystery, memoir, contemporary romance, magical realism, screenplay, family life fiction, and short stories. I also copywrite blurb and book descriptions.

If you are looking for an editor, there are three types of edits your manuscript might need. I do all three:

  • structural / developmental / content / story editing addresses ‘big picture’ issues of storyline, arc, character development, structure, verb tense, point of view, genre expectations, tension and pacing;
  • line / copy-editing / line by line editing evaluates every sentence to improve flow and word choice, correcting grammar, spelling, and fact checking research;
  • proofreading catches final grammar and spelling errors to ensure a faultless book hits the market.

Headshot smallerWe all have huge creativity inside us, ever since cavemen had walls and kids grabbed markers to scribble on. I help you transform story ideas or a rough draft into a ready-to-publish book. Tell me about your book plans via the contact form and I’ll reply within one business day. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Lizzie Harwood