April, that month of springtime in Paris and the rejuvenation of life….

Well, I was approached to write a story for this upcoming anthology entitled: Legacy to be published in April, 2015, by Velvet Morning Press in association with The Book Wheel…


Of course, I said, yes thank you for asking!

Then I got to thinking. The theme, Legacy, what did that mean to me? And I realized I didn’t want to write about whether anyone will want to read my writing 100 years from now, I wanted to think back to 100 years ago.

By April 1915, many soldiers were realizing that WW1 wasn’t over by Xmas of 1914 and might not be over for awhile. In 1916 some terribly flawed offensives were ordered that resulted in the deaths of thousands. For others, the trench warfare was just beginning.

I’m going to write about my three family members who died in WW1: my great-grandfather Samuel W Harwood, and his firstborn son, Samuel Edgar Harwood. And my maternal great-uncle James Norwood. Samuel Snr. was 45 when he died. Samuel Jr. was 21, as was James. One died at sea, the other two died in the Somme, 20 kms apart.

I want to see what trace this left on my grandfather Harry Harwood (his dad died on his 21st birthday – his mum was devastated), dad Victor Harwood, and then among my brothers and sisters. And was any trace left on my mother’s side from the loss of her mother’s favorite brother, Jimmy Norwood? Does anything from WW1 have any ripple of effect today?

It kind of feels like the least I can do to at least ask the question.


Samuel Edgar_a

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