Triumph: Collected Stories by Lizzie Harwood
Triumph: Collected Stories by Lizzie Harwood

The beautiful cover is by Anna Cowie and Spencer Kebbell at and no, the photo isn’t me on an intense day of mirror-gazing, but my 7 year old chose the title font. (Hope you like??). The Kindle edition is available for pre-orders here and paperback & Kindle launch on Monday 23 February when you may be looking for something to immerse yourself in after the Oscars are over!

What’s it about?

There are 10 narrators for these 14 stories. The titles are named after each narrator. The stories are set in India, New Zealand, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Canada. There’s 1st person narration, 3rd and even a 2nd person narration (a lot of people say 2nd gives them the willies, tell me if you felt the same or loved it – that story is called Faye 1). The Introduction is by Jennifer Butler, whose amazing book is found at The stories are about girls and women who are in the middle of something bad, or good, or both….

I’m also indebted to the ladies over at for marketing services 🙂

Here’s an interview by Laurel Zuckerman editor of Paris Writers’ News:

I’ll post more about how I’m managing to publish this without going completely insane in a nice little series called “How I’m Publishing without Going Completely Insane.” It’ll be at least a four-part series….

Triumphantly, Lizzie x

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