I love to keep up with news of New Zealander writers and what they’re doing… and when I read a review of Jessica Talbot’s memoir Picaflor: Finding Home in South America I immediately went and bought the book!

I’ve never been to South America but want to after seeing the movie Paddington the other week with 200 Girl Scouts (including my own 7-year-old who squeezed my hand blue at Nicole Kidman’s dastardly taxidermy plans).

Jessica has a beautiful website sharing stories of finding home in far away places at http://jessicatalbot.net/ and the first story from my collection, Triumph, is on there in its entirety! (Look Inside on Amazon only takes you halfway through the story.)

Like Paddington the Bear, who travels to London to find a home, Jessica’s gorgeous website, and her memoir, are all about finding a home. And I love how two Kiwi gals who have never met and live in France and Argentina can get in touch and share each other’s stories. AND through her I discovered Pippa Loves, a New Yorker with a fab site on Style, Beauty, Love and Home. Read her interview with Jessica here: http://pippaloves.com/2015/02/01/finding-home-far-off-places/.

Picaflor is discounted to $0.99 this week as part of the bookbzz.com Prize Writer Competition! You can pick up your copy on Amazon, and vote for Picaflor on the competition’s website. 

PICAFLOR cover for Internet RGB-s2


4 thoughts on “New Zealanders find each other anywhere in the world

  1. PS My first ever, ever car was a Triumph. 1965 model bought in 1976 for going to university. Triumph Herald in green. Paid $350 for it!

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