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Yesterday, eight of my author buddies and myself hosted a super fun Facebook Event: Escape to France: Travel Tips from Authors Living in France. The event page is still up for you to go scroll through the amazing photos and stories and tips that everyone shared!

For many of this, it was our first time hosting such an event and was it ever a blast! I took the midnight hour to be able to chat with friends in New Zealand, Australia and… my husband in Brazil! Yep, he’s there at the minute and was cheering me on and helping me out with my poor French grammar (it’s mariage blanc, not mariage à blanc). Thanks, darling.


As it was literally Midnight in Paris when I hosted, I found myself sharing atmospheric photos of Paris from so many years of walking the city to feel a part of it.



We also had a chance to share news of upcoming books and free books that you can go out and enjoy right now… and I was super psyched to announce that Xamnesia: Everything I Forgot in my Search for an Unreal Life – my travel memoir about movement, money, myopia and men, is now available to pre-order on Amazon Kindle with and will release June 22, 2015!


You can get the first SIX chapters of Xamnesia (a memoir about how I made Paris my home after my childhood in New Zealand and moving to an Asian fiefdom) by joining my mailing list–I only share news of releases or deals, never spam my dears–here: http://eepurl.com/bkvg71

I also have a permanently FREE ebook all about travel! Go See the Kids follows the journey of two elderly parents off around the world to see their grown kids. Cue one hot intergenerational mess that not even Faye’s white lies can fix. Think Little Miss Sunshine crossed with Nebraska. Here’s an excerpt:

It was best, Faye believed, to roll up at an airport four hours before any flight. That way, in her dark gray pantsuit with her hair set overnight into curls, and lips adorned with coral lipstick, she usually received a free upgrade to business class. Richard’s appearance didn’t exactly help, but there was something in his demeanor, an innocence in the gray tufts decorating his ears, or a frailty in his tweed suit that was old enough to vote that ensured Richard got upgraded also.
They usually never traveled together. The kids used to ask why and Faye said, “In case the plane goes down. So you won’t be orphaned. The British Royal Family does the same.” But that was a little white lie: it was always due to airfares. They went for the bargains and rarely booked the same day. Plus, Faye preferred to fly without Richard.
This trip, the Ventures couple had to travel as a duo. Faye viewed this as a bad omen.

Here’s the link to get this FREE novella: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WJREUHG, which is also available as a Large Print paperback–for you to gift to family members who enjoy quirky literary fiction about “the underlying tensions that exist in all families, even though you can feel the love underneath” as one lovely reviewer put it.

Enjoy the “Escape to France” Facebook page, we certainly enjoyed hosting it and creating the beautiful ebook of our tips and sassy advice to enjoy the City of Light. Hhhm, maybe we should have asked Air France to sponsor us?


4 thoughts on “Our Facebook Event was fun! And vive encore!

  1. Wowzers! Thank you dear Authoresses and Didier, your FB event revealed itself more as a community than a group of individuals. Looking forward to the next one and where you will take this!

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