Hello especially to those of you who love cats,

Today I’m over at Doing Dewey Decimal’s wonderful blog, being interviewed about my contribution to Legacy: an Anthology!

Here is an excerpt from my story: “How to Raise Cats in a Paris Apartment”:

They got along beautifully. They slept in a violet glass fruit bowl on the dining table. You couldn’t see where one cat began and the other ended. They spooned at the end of our bed at nights. We doted. I took, oh, about 1,001 photos of them. “Works of art,” bemused friends humored me, when I shoved cat photos in front of them. I fed the cats veterinary-approved cat biscuits and spoonfuls of tuna (in water, not oil!) because I wanted them to grow up with strong, healthy teeth and claws.

My husband, MG, on about Day 19 of his kitchen-construction lunacy (why, in God’s name didn’t we just get IKEA to install?), fashioned a feeding platform out of a leftover glossy red door panel suspended on poles above the deluxe 50-euro cat litter box with its Italian carbon filters for optimal ventilation.

Taupo would lie on the feeding platform, lazily inhaling croquettes that she swallowed without chewing, lapping Evian from a glass (they refused plastic). We noticed it was Kraki who actually cleaned Taupo. Either too indolent to lick herself, or too traumatized by the early loss of her mother and siblings, she didn’t have a handle on grooming. So, Kraki did the dirty work, or Taupo dunked her head under the bathroom tap as a “Maori shower.” I’d be at the sink, readying to insert contact lenses, and this white-and-orange blur would leap in to gulch and bat at the trickle. I took about 100 photos of that, too.

We vaccinated, of course, like good parents. Our vets were a couple of sharp men down on rue Etienne Marcel, who tsked about the tuna diet. “Madame, you will destroy their livers.” I didn’t yet understand the word for liver so wasn’t sure what I was destroying and didn’t heed their hardened advice.


Read my interview with Katie of Doing Dewey Decimal here: http://doingdeweydecimal.com/2015/05/19/interview-with-lizzie-harwood-30-authors/


This one's legacy has been immortalized in my story for Legacy: an Anthology
This one’s legacy has been immortalized in my story for Legacy: an Anthology

3 thoughts on “Is my story in Legacy fiction or non-fiction?

  1. Awww! I love your cat photo and cat stories! I also really did like that your story could pass for fiction or nonfiction, since it had the best of both worlds – believable and a good narrative.

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