Whilst browsing the interwebs a while ago, I read a comment written by Caroline Barron on a New Zealand book review site, so I checked out her blog: http://lovewordsmusic.com where she spills all about what sparks her creativity and what makes her happy. It turns out, selling her top modelling agency six years ago to become a writer / musician is what makes her happy. Caroline’s the kind of person who makes things happen and her blog is devoted to what’s happening around her to enhance her big dreams and most ambitious goals. It’s beautifully written.

Her interview questions really made me stop and think. Sorry for the constant cutesy asides in italics and brackets… (cringes). Yes, like that. I answered these questions right before I tipped over the edge and had to take a Facebook break.

Leave a comment on Caroline's blog post to win a signed copy!
Leave a comment on Caroline’s blog post to win a signed copy!

Leave a comment on Caroline’s blog post and a random winner will be picked on June 20th, who will receive a signed paperback of Triumph: Collected Stories. Worldwide postage is not a problem, this is France, remember, home of amazing customer service. My buddy at the village post office recognizes me and readies the customs declaration form to nudge at me through her safety window. I am winning that woman over with her dyed-white hair, jazzy eyeglasses and always-white linen shirt – one padded envelope at a time!



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