Today, Doing Dewey has a guest reviewer’s take on Xamnesia: Everything I Forgot in my Search for an Unreal Life. Read it here:

And I have a kid-free house for a few days, the Wonder Duo shipped out to Normandy to RELAX for their first week of summer holidays. I drove them out and for the first time, Vivie power chucked up apple and juice all over the back of my car. Luckily her plastic mini dollhouse caught a lot of it.

The reports from Normandy trickle in. Bea is reading a ton of books. Vivienne (she prefers Vivienne now, I can’t get away with Vivie anymore, she’s gone full French) is eating all the cherries off her grandparents’ tree. They’re making Book Hedgehogs for me – see featured image.

I’m catching up some reading too, I just finished Where’d You Go, Bernadette, which was fantastic after a slow start. I’m also immersed in Ed Cobleigh’s The Pilot: Fighter Planes and Paris. See: for more.

But mainly I am cleaning up the house – there’s been another Art Avalanche here – the girls brought home all of their school year’s oeuvres… and eating whatever I darn well feel like.


8 thoughts on “Doing Dewey reviews Xamnesia

    1. I’ll have to do a full blog post with folding instructions (it’s not hard, just takes awhile!) Thank you for being a Constant Reader!!!! What’s San Jose CA like?

      1. San Jose is constantly sunny (yes, even at night!) (kidding), always a little too hot, and it never, ever rains. But we are in the heart of Silicon Valley, so there are lots and lots of young people around. – Nice to hear from you, Lizzie. I will look forward to the hedgehog folding instructions. – Ari

  1. Oh no, vomit in the dolls house! One of my most memorable holidays is the one that didn’t happened—three out of four of us started vomiting somewhere near the Bombay Hills and had to turn around and come home. Not so easy on a six lane motorway! Up-chucking aside, I hope you are well Lizzie. Are you having a break from writing, or onto your next project? xx

    1. Ah, carsickness near the Bombay Hills is quite legendary, isn’t it? Lucky for me, France has ample service stations where I could scoop the sick out of the beloved dolls’ house and restore it to the little one’s lap smelling of industrial handsoap, phew! I’m back on some lovely editing projects and concocting some blog post writing in my head…. xxx

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