I’m super excited and indebted to the lovely Brandi Megan Granett of Tall Poppy Writers, for interviewing me today on Huffington Post’s Book Blog! Check out the gifs…. do you all like gifs or do they annoy you? As I was “gif choosing” to pair them to my responses I tried to let them have a little dialogue, or snapchat, together. Do you think I got it right, or woefully wrong? Gifs are a whole new (fun) exciting thing to me. In fact, we always knew it as Jif, the bathroom cleanser…..


Regardless, I hope you like these “4 Things about Author Lizzie Harwood”.

The featured image is one gif that didn’t make the interview. Can’t remember what my answer was that paired with that…. no, really, can’t. Oh, wait, it was: “What is one thing you would never want to write about?” My answer was, of course, serial killers who target toddlers, and my husband.

Lizzie x


8 thoughts on “Interview in Huffington Post!

  1. Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie…a mood board to conjure a husband. Love it. Mine took list form…but don’t tell a soul :). My software on the Mac at home is ancient (so you don’t need to be too concerned) but it didn’t like the gifs and all I saw was a little blue box with a ‘?’ in it…

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