So cute, so slow to post about it!
So cute, so slow to post about it!

I’ve been meaning to post for months about how to make a book hedgehog. What can I say? My own hang-ups about my photo skills s-l-o-w  m-e  d-o-w-n. I made this little guy in July. Now it’s December. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Take an old pocket paperback.
  • Fold page one’s corner down flush against the spine.
  • Repeat 300 times.
  • Add bits of black felt for eyes, ears, and nose. Or a black felt triangle to make it a book “pencil.”
  • Show your friends.
  • Or, why not try a Book Christmas Tree?

  • Grab all the books you have.
  • Starting with your biggest coffee table tomes, create a circle. Keep spines turned out on every book.
  • Build it up. Add a small piece of furniture inside the circle if you need support. Add lights inside the circle so they shine out through the cracks between the books.
  • As your tree grows in height, decrease the size of the books you’re using, i.e., large hardbacks, then trade paperback, then smaller paperback, then pocket paperbacks…
  • Decorate!

Here’s last year’s and this year’s efforts:





IMG_6248IMG_6261This year we got the tree almost a foot higher than last year’s.

photo 1


And finally, if you really want to go wild, check out some of these YouTubers’ decoration vids using books to make chandeliers, wreathes, decorative trees, and nameless-yet-pretty shapes.

Have any of you got a Book Tree going on in your living room?


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