Yes, that’s how much Swedish I speak. That plus “tack” (thanks) and I know that “Obs!” means pay attention because I almost added dry ice to my kids’ juice.

That’s right, I have moved to Stockholm, Sweden with my family. And our furry darling, Goldie. This was an exciting summer as we packed up and left France for a new adventure in the Venice of the North.

After 16 years in and near Paris, it felt very strange to be in a new culture with a new language to soak up, but so far we feel really at home and I’m continuing to work with amazing clients from all around the world: from Iowa to Texas, Dubai to Dublin, Switzerland to… Stockholm! It’s always a privilege to work with writers to help make their publishing goals a reality.

To see some Stockholm photos and cat pics, follow me on Instagram @lizziehbooks. My other exciting news is that this summer Triumph: Collected Stories became an Amazon bestseller hitting #1 in Australian & Oceanian Literature for over a week (not just a few hours in some tiny niche!!). Thrilled about that. Xamnesia continues to wow readers. And I’m redesigning my author website in the dead of night when the laundry is folded and my children are sleeping… stay tuned for the unveiling. Or you can go look right now but it’s still a mess. 🙂   Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 08.43.39

I will also be reviewing my editing rates because, well, I’ve been Editor Deluxe for over four years now. It’s time. Contact me before November 1st if you want to take advantage of the current rates.

Lizzie x

REDACTION !! My incredible hubby informs me that “adieu” in French means good-bye forever. Yes, that’s how well I speak French after 16 years there. That was news to me. “Isn’t it sort of, like, bye until next time…nope. Right.” I replied.
So for my parents-in-law: “Je ne voulais pas dire “adieu” c’est plutôt “à bientôt”… “à très bientôt…” 

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