How many times have you made New Year’s resolutions that fall off by the 11th of January? (You’ll note that’s today’s date.) Me? It happens every year. I always have the same goals, year in year out. They look like this:

  • go to the gym until i look incredible
  • get 6 books out in the world
  • make tons of money from my books and helping people with their books
  • eat less chocolate and drink less coffee and … Chablis

Enough, already.

Instead of beating ourselves up over goals that fall apart because we’ve tried to change everything all at once, I say focus on ONE word for the year and keep it at the top of your mind.

The top of your mind is a crowded place, believe me. Every day we are bombarded by things to look at, do, read, like and action including our to-do lists, the urgent and the non-urgent, the planned-for and the unexpected (and children asking us to come look at their latest pet on Animal Jam…). No wonder we burn out by February and instead of changing our lives we focus on planning vacation time and putting nose to the grindstone to pay for it.

So… pick one word. Focus on that.

You see the featured image above? How there are tons of books — all out of focus with just those few that are in focus? Make 2017 like that. Let the rest of the stuff and to-dos fade out and focus on the one (or three, maximum) really important things that matter and will change your life in 5 years’ time, not this year.

My focus this year is:

  • Use-what-I’ve-already-got


Tell me your focus in the comments…!

Enjoy January. Enjoy 2017. Focus on what’s important. Let the rest blur.

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