Being a writer is a mix of being social and hiding out. Of soaking up information and retreating into a little cave to nut out books. Today we are easily overwhelmed with courses, articles, blogs, ebooks, content, do-do-do stuff.

Here is a list of my top 11 empowering resources for writers. Some have screeds of content, others do inspiring stuff. All give you tools / ideas coming out your ears. I have no affiliate links on this site – this is just people/sites I adore.

The Creative Penn – for news, interviews, inspiration
Beyond Your Blog – for writing opportunities galore!
Hope in Paris – monthly inspiration
Mike Dooley’s TUT – I’m doing the #tut30days right now
Austin Kleon – creative stuff to check out weekly so you don’t feel ignorant about the arts 🙂 and being a creative artist
Kris Carr – self-care and veggies to keep you healthy and positive
Your First 10k Readers – dive deep into book marketing – costs you some but a real community awaits
@magicmommyhood on Instagram – daily parenting gems: feel good factor and laughs
Aerogramme Writers’ Studio – regular round-ups of grants and competitions, etc.
Benjamin Hardy – lots of “power yourself up with this routine” stuff and thought-provoking articles
Editor Deluxe – hey that’s me! thank you for reading (I actually link here to my mailing list also so you can get free stories/books from me)

There are more people I read regularly, but 11 is plenty, right? Plus I have to go pick up my little kids from school. 🙂

Oh… and today Xamnesia is a bestseller in two categories (and #2 in its third category) on Amazon. And I am on Aspire Blog with a guest post: “Don’t Aim to Finish Your Book, Aim to Finish 5 Books.”

Enjoy and have a great week ahead…


4 thoughts on “Resource Up!

  1. Lizzie – I greatly enjoyed your “Aim to Finish 5 Books” article. EXCELLENT advice! Keep up the encouragement. You make a difference to us aspiring scribes! – Ari Sayer

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