I’m doing something different for this month of February. Not writing emails, texts, comments on social media, DMs, PMs, tweets, etc. All of my writing will be towards my books (and my clients’ edits & notes).


My parents, 85 and 94 spring chickens that they are, don’t email. They don’t use social media. They don’t text ten times to make sure anyone’s “on their way” or “almost here.” When they want to communicate, they pick up the phone.

So I’m trying that. Action, not typing needlessly. Focus, not dispersed reactions. Phoning if I need to say something. Letter writing, maybe a blog article or two, work, and my books. That’s more than enough.

If you’d like to join me, let’s share what we learn on March 1st. I’m calling this an “Old School Experiment”= OSE. In French that’s the present tense of the verb “oser”=”to dare.”

It’s going to be weird and hard, but it might be wonderful.


3 thoughts on “Old School Experiment – Live without Email and SM

  1. This sounds awesome! Sometimes I so long for the days before technology but then again, I love to be able to check in on my family whenever I want. I fear I might be too much of a control freak to commit to something this hardcore. You go girl. It will be cool to see if you feel like you have more time. I feel like I have more time since going on a Facebook diet. Maybe this will do the same. Good luck!

  2. So free-ing! Time is one commodity that is irreplaceable and measureably scarce. Dissipate and disperse and dilute is what those distractions do. This OSE is great and your clients will also benefit from your focus. See you on the other side, unless something important comes up.

  3. There is nothing that compares with hearing someone’s voice. It is a connection that can not be duplicated with a few words hurriedly texted. However, it seems that often people are irritated when they have to spend a few minutes on the phone. i usually end up wishing that I hadn’t called and interrupted something that they seem to deem more important.

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