Q: I’ve finished my book and just want it proofread before I click ‘Publish’ – do you do that?

A: Not any more – I suggest you use the free service Grammarly.com for your grammar/spelling proofreading! It’s awesome. I am your girl if you need your story edited or prose polished or help to turn your manuscript into published paperback & ebook.  

Q: I think I just need a fresh eye to catch errors but would welcome your comments on what’s lagging in the storyline… what kind of editing is that? 

A: That’s prose polishing. See my Services page and I’ll happily help you.

Q: I definitely need an editor for my story! How does it work — what’s your procedure?

A: We work out your requirements by email. I look at the beginning of your manuscript to ensure it’s a real book. We sign a letter of agreement to set the deliverables. You send me your bookbaby and 50%. I do my editing round and send you “Editorial Notes” and your document with Tracked Changes… you pay the remaining 50% and we celebrate your success virtually or with a green tea if you live in Sweden.

Editing your book is a journey with the destination being a book that moves, thrills or makes readers LOL.

Q: Do your rates include taxes and VAT?

A: I’m responsible for my own taxes and do not charge you expenses, however if you reside in the EU I am obliged to add 25% VAT on top of my invoice as a sole proprietor in Sweden. My VAT registration number and business number are on my invoices.

Q: How do I know you’re a good editor?

A: Check out the Testimonials to see what clients say about me. Clients find me by word of mouth, googling, or personal recommendation. I’m sure the clients quoted wouldn’t mind if you contact them via their websites to verify that I didn’t edit their testimonial. Among my clients are award-winners and bestsellers.

Q: Do you offer signed agreements before you start on an editing project?

A: Absolutely, we each sign a letter of agreement before I start work. Copyright remains with you, the author.

Editors aren’t co-authors. You’re the author. I’m your cheerleader in the corner.

Q: I have a book project but can’t find the time to progress, would your coaching help?

A: I used to offer writing coaching, but instead I want to address writing craft and motivation issues in my blog, so check out my blog for that and look out for my writing courses coming in 2017.

Q: And you are an author, too? Doesn’t that take up all of your time?

A: My author website is lizzieharwoodbooks.com and my blog on this site sometimes mentions my books, but I have been writing since I was 13, so it hasn’t stopped me from having a day job. I love working with writers so would find it sad to stop editing. However, I am happy to share what I’ve learned about publishing and encourage you to nurture relationships with literary agents and other publishing professionals.

I want to see your books make a splash in this crazy world!