I love helping writers become authors – successful authors! How do you define success? Making a profit off your books is a start. For that you need a well-edited book.

I focus on story structure and word choice: for example, are you using filler verbs, does your plot keep readers hooked, is your heroine relatable? This sort of editing is irreplaceable. Grammarly or ProWritingAid can find incorrect prepositional use. Beta readers can spot errors and give you general feedback. But I show you where your story falls down, I streamline the guff and help you keep your readers turning pages.

Story Edit or Developmental / content editing Also known as a manuscript evaluation, I give feedback on structure, tone, character development, language usage, genre considerations – giving you a roadmap for revisions. Usually 10-15 pages of single-spaced editorial gold. This is what you need if you’ve written a book, given it to beta readers, but aren’t sure if “it’s right.” $750 (+VAT where applicable).

Work-in-progress Story Edit
If you haven’t written your whole book yet, but have a story outline and the first 10,000 words, then this mini developmental edit is for you. You’ll receive 3-6 single-spaced pages of editorial feedback with ample suggestions to save you writing chapters of sub-standard storytelling. $400 (+VAT where applicable).

Prose Polish
Focuses on typos, word choice, continuity slip-ups, plot holes, and pacing. One editing round. $0.04/word (+VAT where applicable).

Deluxe Editing Package 
Story edit plus prose polish with a discount. Two rounds of edits (allowing you to revise after the story edit). $0.04/word + $400 (+VAT where applicable).

Casper the Friendly Ghost
Some of us aren’t natural writers, but we have a book to put out! This is a ghostwriting package where you send me a rough draft that I spin into literary gold using your natural voice and tone. A nonfiction book is usually 45,000 words. 0.12/word (+VAT where applicable).

Indie Publishing Package
Go from finished manuscript to published paperback and e-book!
I do one editing round to proofread your finished manuscript, create the PDF for your paperback, convert your files to epub and mobi formats for your e-book, organize your cover with a cover designer,* copywrite your sales description page and author bio, copywrite your back cover blurb, consult on how to set up your book title on CreateSpace (or IngramSpark), Kindle Direct Publishing (or Draft2Digital), consult on your author page on Amazon Author Central, review your proof copy and ebook versions on multiple devices to ensure they are error-free… leaving you to click ‘Publish.’

But I don’t stop there, this package is for two books! That’s because I want you to produce your next book asap and know you’ll have the support to truly launch your writing career. 
Short books (0-40,000 words) $700 +VAT where applicable).
Medium (40-75,000 words) $1,000 +VAT where applicable).
Long (75,000 words+) $1,250 +VAT where applicable). 

* The cost of the cover design is separate (and you’ll have to negotiate your second cover’s price). I’m thrilled to team up with Anna Cowie at The Pixel Pusher, an award-winning graphic designer, who offers a unique paperback, e-book, and 3D cover for £300+image (+VAT where applicable). Pricing is for this Package only. Alternatively, you can work with a cover designer of your choice and I help you clarify your design brief saving you time and money.

Formatting of paperback and conversion to e-book (without images, black and white interiors)

I tweak your words, correct written texts where English is not the native language of the author, write blurbs or compose sales copy. $100/hour (+VAT where applicable). Or contract me for your project for a set fee.

Editing shorter works (under 10,000 words) $75/hour (+VAT where applicable).

I’m no longer taking on individual coaching clients, but if you have a certain question related to publishing, writing, or marketing your work, please contact me and I’ll respond by email and write a blog post to help you.

See here for industry standard rates and here for definitions of the various types of manuscript editing. For manuscripts, payment is appreciated as 50% upon commencement and 50% upon delivery. Authors working with me on their subsequent books in a series can enjoy negotiated rates. Let’s discuss.

See my FAQ page for more detail about the editing process and other questions.

Contact me to book my services. I am taking on a very limited number of new clients for Q4 of 2017 and 2018.