I love helping writers become authors – successful authors! How to do this? Firstly, sit down with yourself and define what success means to you. Seeing a profit from your writing projects is a start. For that you need a book that’s been edited and sharpened to sell.

I focus on story structure first and then on polishing prose: does your narrative drive forward to keep readers hooked, is your heroine relatable? Then, is your prose waffling? Do all of your characters’ names begin with the letter L? When it comes to copyediting, use Grammarly or ProWritingAid. Beta readers can spot errors and give you general feedback. But I show you where your story falls down. I look into what will stop your readers turning pages.

Story Edit

Also known as developmental editing / content editing / manuscript evaluation, I give feedback on structure, tone, character development, language usage, genre considerations – giving you a roadmap for revisions. This is what you need if you’ve written a book, given it to beta readers, but aren’t sure if “it’s right.” $1,000 (+VAT where applicable).

Mini Story Edit

If you haven’t written your whole book yet, but have a story outline and the first 10,000 words, then this mini story edit is for you. You’ll receive editorial feedback with ample suggestions to save you writing chapters of sub-standard storytelling. $500 (+VAT where applicable).

See here for industry standard rates and here for definitions of the various types of manuscript editing. For manuscripts, payment is appreciated as 50% upon commencement and 50% upon delivery. Authors working with me on their subsequent books in a series can enjoy negotiated rates. Let’s discuss.

See my FAQ page for more detail about the editing process and other questions.

Contact me to book my services. I am taking on a limited number of new clients in 2020.