The Only Way to Stop Feeling Rejected as a Writer

Cue the violin music, things are about to get emotional. One of my writer buddies has been receiving rejections from the Big 5 Publishers. After spending three years on her book. Plus a huge amount of time and $$$ on writing classes, submissions, hone your craft stuff, platform building, networking, and pow-pows with literary agents. Her… Read More

Triumph launches on February 23, 2015

The beautiful cover is by Anna Cowie and Spencer Kebbell at and no, the photo isn’t me on an intense day of mirror-gazing, but my 7 year old chose the title font. (Hope you like??). The Kindle edition is available for pre-orders here and paperback & Kindle launch on Monday 23 February when you may be… Read More


Awesome blog post about Self-publishing… This was written by a friend and client, Jennie Goutet, who is a talented, dedicated writer, blogger, and marketing brain!! A guide to self-publishing. Must-read for authors! Interview with me… This new interview just appeared on Janet Skeslien Charles’ info-packed blog. Janet’s debut novel Moonlight in Odessa was chosen by Publishers… Read More