41hlip6kfzl-_sy346_“Lizzie Harwood provided the expertise to allow me to publish a book of which I’m very proud, A Future for the 99 Percent. The book became an Amazon bestseller in three different categories with 98 percent of its reviews 4 or 5 stars. Lizzie gets much of the credit for this success. I enrolled in her deluxe editing plan. Lizzie referenced her extensive knowledge of world literature to give right on point content suggestions. She tightened the structure of both the whole book and individual chapters. Lizzie’s copy editing repeatedly saved me from embarrassment. The best part of working with Lizzie was getting to know her. She is genuine, and she is passionate about her projects. I recommend her highly without reservation.”

Bud Clark is the empassioned author behind the non-fiction inspirational work A Future for the 99 Percent and the life-changing movement: Neighbors United Worldwide.

Acclaim & Find the Author: Bud Clark lives and works in the United States. Connect with him on his website, Facebook page, Twitter, and Amazon page.

For this project with editor deluxe, Bud chose the Indie Publishing Package.