Paul Duke

Lizzie contributed to my novel in a crucial way. Her encouragements and advice in the early stages of writing were extremely helpful in overcoming the doubts I had about ever finishing the manuscript and keeping the momentum and discipline. She gave me detailed feedback on how to make the story flow in a more natural… Read More

Jennie Goutet

“I can’t express how much I loved working with Lizzie Harwood as she edited my book.  And if the timing had been right with her deadlines and mine, I would have loved for her to do the layout, as well as the proofreading. Lizzie cared about my book, and I think that was what was… Read More

David Scott

“A profound debt of gratitude for my editor. Lizzie has presented us all with a gift: a novel that moved to point, when the author at times was moved by something else, romanticizing his way along the country road of the co-creative. You made sense of it all, and kept the nonsense—where it belonged. It… Read More

Chantal Panozzo

“Lizzie is a detail-oriented editor who was recommended to me by a well-respected author. She immediately understood what my book was about and her suggestions and comments over the last year have improved the book a great deal. She’s reliable, trustworthy, and easy to work with. She’s also a great communicator so even though we… Read More