LJIZlzHgQ7WPSh5KVTCB_TypewriterLizzie contributed to my novel in a crucial way. Her encouragements and advice in the early stages of writing were extremely helpful in overcoming the doubts I had about ever finishing the manuscript and keeping the momentum and discipline. She gave me detailed feedback on how to make the story flow in a more natural way, how to fine-tune my characters and to steer clear of plotline dead-ends. After her editorial feedback on the first 10,000 words, I was able to engage with the rest of the story, and to finish it in a few weeks. It is highly reassuring to let go of the early doubts about your style and to just get on with the writing. I am yet to be published, but I now have the confidence to submit my novel to agents.

Acclaim: Paul’s submissions to agents have so far yielded him several requests for the full manuscript.