What is a writing coach?

It’s another way of saying personal muse, beta-reader deluxe, story editor, brainstorming whirlwind, or writing cheerleader. As with personal trainers, life coaches, and happiness gurus, a writing coach helps unblock and unlock you to produce beautiful results: A book. Or five books. A ready-to-publish polished manuscript. Success with your writing goals.

Writing coaches become the editor waiting for your pages. The “deadline” you have to stick to. They cheer you through writer’s block and talk you off the ledge of plot problems, story sag, character duds, genre issues, and anything else going on that distracts you from achieving your writing goals.

But guess what? I’m no longer offering writing coach packages.

I think writers have enough to pay for with editing, cover design, Facebook ads, and website hosting, to pay for someone to coach them to finish their book.

If you want to write, please just write.

However… I’m blogging about motivation, writing craft, and story sag. I can talk you off the ledge in the comments.

That way, anyone can get access to the “coaching love”… and the tough love.



I am still offering a free sample edit of your first 1,250 words… go to Contact to get in touch and schedule this for your manuscript or work-in-progress! I can’t wait to hear from you.