A certain special relative of mine posted this to Bored Panda 11 hours ago. She is a talented little critter, living in my native New Zealand, and I haven’t seen her nor the 8 other nieces and nephews in NZ since January 2011. Three years ago. And the time before that one was four years prior, in January 2007. Visiting home only twice over the past eight years does make me feel a bit of an exile, or at least, someone who can’t get their act together to fund the airfares.

So, I’m doing what I do when something bothers me, I’m putting it in one of my books. (The lack of travel to NZ is part of my upcoming memoir, Xamnesia: Everything I Forgot in my Search for an Unreal Life, out in May 2015).

And I gave one point to Amber the Grey for her fantastic animal-head photography as featured on Bored Panda, which is a super interesting site.

Check it out and add points for “Amber”!

4 thoughts on “Bored Panda

  1. I don’t get back to the US as often as I’d like so I can only imagine going to NZ! I want to go there someday, but not until the kids are MUCH older!

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