Hello – here to present the Lucky Lizzie Giveaway draw is my oldest, Béatrice, in a two-part video due to Mummy’s technical failure to remember her YouTube password.

Congratulations to the winner, who will receive a signed copy of each of my three books plus a 20-euro Amazon voucher!!! Thank you everyone who entered and made Xamnesia’s launch superb!

Early this morning, the Goodreads Giveaway ended – with 840 people entered – those three winners will each receive a paperback of Xamnesia.

Yesterday, on Caroline Barron’s blog, lovewordsmusic.com, she drew the winner of her Leave-a-Comment-and-Win-a-Copy-of-Triumph giveaway – and the winner was Kristin Louise Duncombe – a memoir author whose wonderful work can be found at kristinduncombe.com. Kristin will receive a signed copy of Triumph: Collected Stories. See Caroline’s post here: http://lovewordsmusic.com/2015/06/23/bravo-to-the-winner-of-our-kiwi-writer-in-paris-giveaway/

Meanwhile the 4 year old has been very busy with a Frozen paint kit….. eeek. Wednesday afternoons – no school. Lots of fun.

Happy reading to everyone!

Lizzie x

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