I’m thrilled to see The Devil’s Luck by T.R. Croke released today on Amazon. T.R. Croke is a natural-born storyteller with a pedigree of working in Ireland’s anti-terrorist faction of the Irish police, which saw him stationed in Paris for many years. The Devil’s Luck is his debut conspiracy thriller featuring Detective Kate Bowen – a gutsy protagonist who never gives up the chase, but flails when it comes to her own love life. Set in Dublin, Paris, London, and stormy Brittany this read promises engrossing twists set in the gritty reality of fighting terror with fantastic Irish characters.


To celebrate, I am giving one Kindle copy of The Devil’s Luck as a gift to a random reader who comments below or retweets this book release news. Winner will be drawn out of a fluffy hat by my little girls tomorrow after school (Tuesday 8 November) so comment and RT to be in the draw!

Detective Kate Bowen is accustomed to dealing with difficult men as she leads Dublin’s Surveillance and Intelligence Unit, and in her disastrous love life.
But when her team discover ex-IRA stirrings and chatter of an alliance between a rogue group and a Paris-based militant Islamic cell, Kate unearths a tangled conspiracy hiding a vengeful Irish terrorist’s plot. Her investigation leads into a warren of France’s disenfranchised Muslim youth, a bombing at the BBC Proms, and sniping between intelligence agencies that threaten to derail the case.
And Kate’s boyfriend, the seductive Charlie, isn’t what he seems either. Not by a long shot.
A police procedural with a gritty female sleuth pitted against an international alliance of the world’s worst terrorists, a pompous MI5 Section Chief seeking glory with innocents being tortured and slaughtered along the blood strewn way.

UPDATE: Watch a live draw of the winner of a Kindle copy of The Devil’s Luck… 


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I sure hope one of those links works… congratulations to “??” I will gift you the Kindle version now!

4 thoughts on “James Patterson budge over here’s a new thriller author

  1. From your review, this certainly sounds like a book I would love to read. Stories are always more interesting when they take place in locations you’re familiar with and any plot that takes the characters through Paris gets my attention straight away.

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