What does bikini season and a new anthology have in common?

The answer is strangely, me. Velvet Morning Press’s anthology Legacy launches today and I’m in there along with some amazing bestselling authors. All proceeds go to the charity Paws for Reading. Early next week I’ll be posting an extract of my story, “How to Raise Cats in a Paris Apartment.” (It was a little painful.)… Read More

Cover reveal for Legacy: an Anthology launching in April!

  A while ago I wrote with unabashed excitement about being part of Velvet Morning Press‘s next great read: Legacy: an Anthology. For my story, I wanted to write about whether or not the deaths of my great-grandfather and two great-uncles in World War I left any trace on my family… specifically my dad, by… Read More

The secret world of the Paris writers’ community

What’s the secret sauce to being a writer? Community. Other writers. Little gangs and groups. Even if the face-to-face contact is infrequent. People who ask how your new draft is going as if it’s a sickly, beloved pet. Writer buddies who tell it to you straight when you’re in draft mode, and cheer you on… Read More

Upcoming Anthology in April 2015 Yours Truly is part of…

April, that month of springtime in Paris and the rejuvenation of life…. Well, I was approached to write a story for this upcoming anthology entitled:¬†Legacy¬†to be published in April, 2015, by Velvet Morning Press in association with The Book Wheel… http://velvetmorningpress.blogspot.fr/2014/12/a-month-long-writing-challengeand.html Of course, I said, yes thank you for asking! Then I got to thinking.… Read More